This is a scary word for most people. It means a break with reality. But basically I’ve found, it’s a label put on people who break from their intellect or ego. I find it interesting that everyone believes in schizophrenia but very few really believe in enlightenment. Both are a break from the reality of the intellect and ego but with enlightenment one finds peace and joy from the break while in schizophrenia, one finds confusion and resentment.
So what about the people who don’t break from their intellect and ego. Well here’s where we have a problem because these people always end up as either masters or slaves and for the aware person, one is the same as the other because both groups are never happy. So the master tries to exploit the slave to become happier while the slave tries to get out of the slave slot and become a master. There are some cases in which the intellect and ego try so very hard to manipulate the people around them that a break occurs in the personality and an intense period of suffering begins. This condition is usually labeled schizophrenia but can also be looked at as a time of pay back for the karmic debt accrued by the person who was motivated by her intellect and ego.
Now the person who is labeled is totally cut off from relating to the world as she has in the past.The only cure for this condition is love. So you need to make someone else’s happiness and well being more important than your own. And then the pain will start to be replaced by peace and joy as you learn to love without attachment.

About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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10 Responses to Schizophrenia

  1. yazrooney says:

    This is giving me food for thought. I haven’t suffered from schizophrenia, so I can’t talk about it, but I do know that nobody (except sufferers) understands mental illness. My brother suffered from it, and he was over-bearing and unloving a lot of the time, so your words will give me a lot to ponder. Thank you.

    • dentcow says:

      It’s very good that you are taking an interest in this mental illness because it doesn’t limit itself to the mind of the one person who is labeled. This disease will push the limits of everyone involved. Good luck girl

  2. sarahjaneprosetry says:

    So interesting. I have always had a broader belief of mental illness than most. This poses such a wonderful theory. I love the comparison between enlightenment and schitzophrenia. I wonder your opinion on manic depression.

    • dentcow says:

      Hi Sara, In my mind mental illness, no matter the label, is a hazard along the spiritual path. The mind creates circumstances which could be called episodes which lead to events which are either constructive or destructive depending on your ability to stay focused on the spiritual path as you go deeper into yourself.

      Thanks for your interesting comment.

  3. Awesome post !! I think the whole western world suffers from schizophrenia. I know I do from time to time, when I am unable to break from the reality of the intellect and ego. It is great to be here, in this glorious adventure of discovering myself. I want to live for EVER 🙂 This state of mind (the enlightened state) has been referred to as BLISS: undisturbed by loss or gain.

  4. How about the concept that everyone suffers from a “mental illness”? It seems that they are out to make every emotion a disease. Like happiness which I find completely ridiculous, the shrinks’ all-time low. That’s the problem with labeling, really. It puts a divide where there wasn’t any previously.

    “The only cure for this condition is love.”

    I’ll amen to that.

    • dentcow says:

      Hi love, This blog is my good side, lol Anyways this idea of labeling is very harmful to the person who is having mental problems anyway. You go to the shrinks to get help and they make a lot of money off of you and give you this label which can cause more mental problems than the ones you had when you walked in the door. But there are a few of us who figured this out and are being vocal about it. Like you and me, love, thanks for the comment.

      • Right? What we really need is not a shrink but someone who at least tries to understand but more importantly just listen. Just exist. Just tell us that they hear us and acknowledge us, good side and the bad. I know I always need that certain someone in my life. I can’t be too different from everyone else really, could I?

        You must really love cows a lot. On the other one, you are a milk maid. But hey, what’s not to love? Anything which produces milk ought to be loved, I say. 😉

  5. dentcow says:

    I think all it takes is one person to really understand you and you are cured from mental illness. And yes anything that gives milk ought to be loved, even goats, but they are very hard to love.

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