I bought my playstation 3 about two years ago now.  At that time I never played a game in my life and didn’t know the first thing about gaming.  Mostly I was into trying to make some kind of contact with people.  You see I work on my parents dairy farm and relate more to animals than people, so I thought maybe a playstation could change that.  Well I did start relating to more people right away, unfortunately, most of the people I related to were horny, little boys.  That didn’t quite do it for me.  But then I met someone more my own age and we became boyfriend and girlfriend.  This relationship made me very happy but I found out fast that it was very difficult to sustain a deep virtual relationship.  The virtual world, like the physical world, would go out of it’s way to break us apart and finally we were separated. 

  It’s at this point that I tried playing video games.  At first it was extremely difficult for me to figure out how to play because the games were incredibly hard and required a lot of work on my part just to buy a game and learn how it’s supposed to be played.  Since I make my living milking cows, I was good at figuring out solutions to problems in the material world and eventually this ability carried over into the gaming world.  So I put in a lot of work into developing my gaming skills over the next year. 

  And so it was at this point that I got back in touch with the boyfrend  I got separated from at the beginning of my playstation experience.  We both knew that we stilled cared for each other but the hurt of separation was so bad that neither one of us had the courage to try it again until now.  I had found a game where two players, a guy and a girl, could play on line in a co-operative situation and I was finally at the point where I could play the game well enough to be a plus to whomever I played with.  And so we played this game together (he being an expert player) and all the work I put into learning how to game paid off in a wonderful gaming experience.


About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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