The Reality of Virtual Relationships


  Sometimes I meet guys in the virtual world who I immediately make contact with and we fall into a deep relationship very fast. This happened when I met Tony.  We hit it off right away and we both knew it was something special.  But just as quickly as the relationship started, it stopped abruptly.  He just stopped showing up in my virtual world.  I was hurt naturally but over time started to recover.

Then we met by chance again and the magic was still there.  It was very nice being with him again but this time I held myself back because I didn’t want to be hurt again.  Then his step sister started messaging me saying that Tony wanted us to get back together again as boy friend and girl friend.  She said he got involved with another girl who hurt him badly and she was sorry for telling him she didn’t think I was good for him and that’s why he stopped seeing me.  Well I didn’t want to be involved with a guy who couldn’t or wouldn’t follow his heart in matters like this and told her so.  But Tony and I kept seeing each other and my feelings for him became stronger.

But mostly when we met there were always friends of his step sister around, who at this point approved of our relationship.  I enjoyed being with Tony and his sisters’ friends but noticed that they kept feeding his male ego.  Now I’ve been treated badly by male egos and knew it would come down to him putting me first in his life or his male ego.  Well naturally he put his male ego first and I left the cage that formed around us by his unawareness.

We still meet by chance once in awhile and the magic is still there, but I am aware that he will never take my hand and together leave the prison created by his ego.


About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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