Playing Mind Games


Sometimes I find myself relating to a person who is playing me. When you play a game there is always a winner and loser and for the most part we all voluntarily play games. But when you relate to a person who is playing games while you are trying to be honest and genuine, you run the risk of materializing his or her bad karma into your life.  You have to agree that if everyone suffered when they hurt someone else there would be a lot less pain in the world.  But on this plane of existence, we are under the illusion that we can pass our bad karma onto someone else if we can get their consent.  So we cause pain in the world with the idea that we can make someone else suffer for it.

Loving someone who is playing you is the ultimate way to eat someone else’s bad karma,  as Christ so vividly pointed this out to us.  Now He did it deliberately, but most of us are totally unaware of where our suffering is coming from.  Even if we try our best not to cause pain in the world, we still suffer because we open ourselves up to game playing people.  Awareness is the only way to stop this from happening.  First you have to become aware of the fact that the person you are letting into your life is playing you, and then you have to decide if your willing to put up with the pain this person is going to bring into your life if he or she is playing a game.

No matter what it is always best to be honest and genuine in a relationship and hope your awareness kicks in before the pain drives you over the edge.


About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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