300x300(12)It seems our culture puts a high degree of importance on developing intellectualism.  There are even laws that force us to subject ourselves to an intellectual environment by forcing us to attend school for a certain amount of years or face imprisonment.  The amazing thing about this forced indoctrination is the fact that most people not only go along with it but see it as a wonderful and necessary way of living.  Yes I know the argument that is brought up to anyone who questions the value of education.  You would argue that I wouldn’t be able to even write about this topic if I wasn’t taught to read and write in school.  OK,  yes I did learn to read and write in school but does it really take a person ten years to learn to read and write.  What I’m saying is what else was happening to my mind while I was sitting behind that school desk for all those years.

I argue that other areas of my life were stifled during those years.  I was not able to develop my awareness during my school years, which resulted in a lot of needless pain and suffering in my life.  I did however spend as much time as possible developing my awareness whenever I had the chance,  and finally was able to come into the light from that long dark tunnel of intellectualism.  And now I’m at the point where I can write something like this and not need the intellectuals of the world to approve or even comment on this post.  It’s enough that I enjoy writing like this from my heart and because of my awareness, this enjoyment is enough.


About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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