Losing Control

I was running my team of horses into the woods to pick up firewood for my stepdad with a two wheeled cart and trailer hitched to the cart. I stopped the horses at a pile of wood my stepdad had cut and split and I filled up the trailer. But before I could get back into the cart, the horses started running. I ran to the cart and threw myself onto the floor as the horses galloped across the field.  I tried to grab hold of the reins to stop them from running but I was being bounced around so badly that I couldn’t even stand up to get hold of them. Then as I felt myself being being thrown from the cart, everything slowed down and came to a complete stop. I got up from the floor of the cart to see the horses had turned into the woods and were caught up in the trees. I wasn’t hurt and the horses were alright as well.
I became aware of the fact that my life, as I knew it, was taken out of my control and in that split second was given back to me by God. I had eaten all my negative karma and was able to continue to be who I am.  I believe that when circumstances get out of the control of your personality, like this event, you materialize your good or bad karma.  Most people seem to avoid losing control at all costs.  I guess maybe we all know what kind of karma is waiting for us.



About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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2 Responses to Losing Control

  1. Syaza says:

    Sometimes karma really kicks us a bit harder than we deserve but I guess that’s the only way for us to learn to be a better person in future. Always reflect our action towards others and to ourselves 🙂

    • cowgirlsue says:

      Hi Syaza, I believe that karma is as real as gravity. You can’t see it or feel it but if you jump off a cliff, you will hit the ground, and if you hurt someone, you will experience hurt yourself.

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