My First Sexual Experience as a male on Second Life

  Now mostly I come on Second Life as a female.  At first I only had a female avatar but found out that not only did I get used for sex by the guys I met, but also found my attachment to my female role caused me a lot of pain.  So I started coming on second life as a femboy and left my real life gender in question on my profile.  This stopped a lot of the alpha males from using me for sex as well helping me break my female attachment condition by always saying I am a guy when forced to expose my real life gender.

So I started having more fun than pain on second life.  But gradually I began slipping more and more into my female persona again and decided I needed to exercise my femboy male persona which was a virgin. Now I knew I could never be much of an alpha male but felt it would be a worthwhile experience anyway.  Then yesterday I met a transwoman who I got along with in my male femboy persona and she wanted to have sex.  I guess I should have been the one to ask that question but  I was a little slow getting my male ego into action.  I did buy a wonderful penis which she was very happy with and I tried to give her as much pleasure with it as I was able.

I would say things worked out to the point where we both enjoyed the experience and both of us wanted to try it again.  For me the best part was that I had a chance to give acceptance and understanding to her which is always what I’m hoping to find in a sexual experience as a female.  And we both felt it added to the depth of our relationship.


About cowgirlsue

I live and work on my parents dairy farm. I'm into metaphysics and spirituality. I'm kind of a cosmic milkmaid.
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